Emerging Researchers

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❖Facilitation and Compilation of sector-specific research reports, reviews and evaluations of existing public and industrial policies and strategies.
❖Conduct reliable socio-economic and industrial research and analysis to contribute towards the requisite levels of expertise in service of our clients’ policy trajectory and developmental goals.
❖Support the Development and Implementation of New and Existing Strategic Projects: From Conceptualization to Operationalisation.
❖Identify and analyze institutions, laws, and policies directly or indirectly impeding on government or industry’s transformational objectives and targets.
❖Advanced Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services
❖Corporate Social Responsibility and Partnerships Strategy Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation
❖Micro and Macro-Economic Analysis, Modelling and Forecasting
❖Advocacy: enhanced communication and dissemination of research outputs and contributions through traditional and unconventional platforms of knowledge distribution (e.g. Podcast, Conferences, etc)
❖The CER Academy: Training, Capacity Building, and Technology Transfer
❖Research Workshops, Seminars and Events Hosting

❖Data Modelling, Scenario Planning and Analysis
❖Data Analytics and Visualisation (Development Data, Health, Education, etc)
❖Business Process Engineering: Capacity Building, Organisational Design and Operational Excellence
❖Machine Learning: Classification, Regression, Clustering; Probabilistic Generative and Discriminative Models; Neural Networks; Mixture Models; Random Forests and Decision Trees; Generalization Techniques
❖Statistical Methods : Hypothesis Testing; Confidence Intervals; Regularization; Principal Component Analysis; Generalized Linear Models; MLE/MAP; Randomization Tests
❖Descriptive and Interactive Statistical Analysis
❖Geospatial Analysis: ESRI ArcGIS Applications
❖Integrated Development Planning Support, Urban Design, and Spatial Planning
❖Environmental Impact Assessment and Projects Feasibility Studies
❖Training and Capacity building around the 4IR and Change Management in Governance and Public Policymaking
❖Development of AI Applications for enhanced Organisational and Project Perfomance

1st Generation Scholars Programme: Mobilize scholarships to promote the uptake of research and post-graduate opportunities amongst African youth, particularly those from marginalised communities.
Research and Academic Mentorship Programme: Mobilize retired and current professors and senior academics into an academic and research advisory committee that supports the growth and development of our network of emerging researchers
Early Career Women Researchers Support Programme: leverages influential individuals and organisations to support women-led research projects and professional development initiatives in response to the underrepresentation and exclusion of women in academia.
Facilitate collaborative fundraising: brings together local and international funding agencies, and higher education institutions (HEIs) to Support researchers at the start of their careers to enable their transition to become independent researchers.
Researcher Training and Capacity Building: Writing Retreats and Workshops: to provide emerging researchers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively communicate their research findings in an environment of learning and collaboration.
Creative Writing and Social Action: A Young Writers Programme encourage young people to engage in creative writing and share their stories to drive change​.
CER Young Writers Programme: An extracurricular programme that offers opportunities for the whole school to benefit from writing creatively. This programme includes workshops, events, competitions, training and support for emerging writers
CER Career Guidance and HE Transitions Programme: an integrated, flexible and holistic approach tailor-made to improve the Access, Retention and Completion rates and the overall experience of low income students at various institutions of higher education and training.