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Cultivating Africa’s Next Generation of Scholars, Innovators, and Analysts. Our focus is on developing alternative and responsible methodologies for the generation, application, and advancement of Research and Development (R&D) solutions to the Continent’s current and future challenges.

Digital Technologies, Coding and Robotics Programme for Educators 

“The 4IR is a new epoch in social and economic life. Success in the 4IR will depend on our ability to unleash the full scientific, industrial and creative capabilities of South African society.

In other words, the fundamentals of this revolution are consistent with the aims of our developmental state: economic competitiveness and societal wellbeing”


South Africa’s apartheid legacy is still hobbling research – a study of geography shows how.

Apartheid’s legacy shapes academic output in South Africa’s human geography. Historically advantaged universities

outperform others, perpetuating inequalities. Research, influenced by colonialism, often supported apartheid policies.

Addressing disparities requires tackling funding and networking gaps, ensuring broader representation and equitable opportunities in knowledge production.


Graduation Ceremony: Digital Innovation and AI Incubation Programme for Township SMMEs in Gauteng: Pathways to Enhanced Business and Operating Models.

Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) have been recognized as crucial drivers of economic growth, job creation, and poverty alleviation in South Africa since the mid-90s. The National Development Plan (NDP) envisions SMMEs generating the vast majority of new jobs by 2030.

Furthermore, the President’s Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan emphasises SMMEs as central to industrialization, localization, and export-led growth. Sadly, the high mortality rate of SMMEs continues to hinder their transformative potential.


Dr Masutha is the co-founder and current Head of Research, Innovation, and Advisory Services at the Centre for Emerging Researchers, a Research Associate at AMCHES, and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Johannesburg.

Mukovhe began his career as a Policy and Strategy Analyst at the City of Tshwane’s Divisions of Economic Intelligence before progressing to the SSA’s National Division of Economic Intelligence as a Policy and Strategy Analyst.